Lawyer Links

Since we only file bankruptcy cases, there are things that we do not do. The following is a list of Nashville attorneys who specialize in other areas of law. We do not endorse or receive compensation for the reference to these attorneys or non-attorney providers.

The Higgins Firm — Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Social Security, Products Liability and Employment Law

Marty Kooperman – Personal Injury, Probate, Divorce, and Criminal Law 615-866-5019

Tee Gorham– Personal Injury, Misdemeanor Criminal, Divorce and Probate 615-467-3232

Charles Niewold – Wills, Probate, Family Law, Personal Injury

Aaron Raney — Child Custody and Support, Divorce and Criminal Law — Phone Number 615-305-3037

Rob McKinney — Nashville Criminal and DUI Defense and Personal Injury Attorney