Credit Card Bankruptcy

By Cynthia Podis

Nashville Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, you may benefit from a Bankruptcy:

1) I am falling behind each month on credit card bills and other bills.

2) I am using one credit card to pay another.

3) I am living paycheck to paycheck. If I miss work, I will not be able to pay my bills.

4) I am living on credit cards. If the credit card company cuts off my cards, I will not be able to make it through the month.

5) I cannot pay my balance at the end of the month.

6) Credit Card companies are calling and calling looking for their payment.

7) I pay the minimum balance on my credit cards every month and the balance never goes down.

 8) I pay my credit cards late each month.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can wipe out credit card debt. you should stop charging on cards at least 70 to 90 days before filing for bankruptcy. Charges made within 70 days of filing bankruptcy may not be discharged/wiped out.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you relief from unrelenting debt. Chapter 13 gives you the chance to get back on track while making repayment of 0& to 100% of the debt over a period of up to 60 months.

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