Unemployment benefits reduce July 25 – bankruptcy can help

By Bankruptcy Lawyer Cindy Podis

The extra $600 per week unemployment benefit ends July 25, 2020 (the final FPUC payments go out July 25, the last Saturday of the month). If you have not been recalled to work, the reduction to unemployment benefits will be a difficult time. Getting ahead of the problem can include getting a different job, taking 2 part time jobs, or filing a Chapter 7 to wipe out debts or a Chapter 13 to repay the debts you have gotten behind on like your house or car. While it is a difficult decision to seek bankruptcy protection, the relief it gives is tremendous. We treat clients with dignity and respect. We understand the fresh start bankruptcy provides is life changing for our clients. We have the experience to make the bankruptcy process easy to understand. We walk you through the process.

You can file Chapter 7 once every 8 years, so you want to make it count! Be sure to list all of your debt (debts not listed are not discharged and can cost you your discharge if you fail to list something on purpose). Get rid of secured debt that keeps you from getting ahead like car payments or secured loans like Republic or Security Finance and One Main Finance.

Chapter 13 is a repayment plan to help you keep a house or car when you have the ability to repay over time. Most Chapter 13 plans last 60 months to give you the lowest payment possible. If you have been on a forebearance with your mortgage company and cannot catch up the payments at the end of the forebearance period, Chapter 13 will give you time to make up those payments.

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